Francisco Goya

Website Design & GSAP Animations

This project is an one-page informational website detailing the career of 18th century Spanish artist Francisco Goya. The website outlines several stages of the artist's career and features open source images of the Goya's work.

This project also features scroll-based animated image galleries and transitions using the GSAP JavaScript animation library.

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This project consists of four sections breaking down various points in Goya’s career as an artist that incorporate scroll based animations and transitions, a navigation menu, and a animated timeline in the sidebar.

The GSAP JavaScript library was used to create and implement the scroll-based animations in this project, this allows the animation key frames to be triggered by the user’s scroll position on the page as opposed to being time-based. This also allows the animations to be scrubbed through in either direction at the speed at which the user is scrolling.