UI/UX Design & App Prototype

Design and prototype for an app that tracks users film ratings and makes suggestions for what to watch next. The app consists of a film rating survey that users complete after creating an account to gather data as a starting point to start giving recommendations. After completing the rating survey the user is them presented with a recommendation list.

The user can then browse and filter films by genre, year, and by the films streaming service and rental availability. Users can also use the app to make to-watch lists and browse curated collections.

Mock-up of two smart phone screens showing Movielike app landing screen and suggested films screen

UX Research & Rationale

In the initial research for this project a round of stake-holder interviews was conducted to gather data as to what features users would potentially want in a movie recommendation app. the data from these initial interviews was then used to outline the app’s features:

  • Personalized film recommendations based on information gathered from the user during an on-boarding survey and refined through the user’s film ratings.
  • Feature to organize watch lists and make film collections.
  • A film finder that tells users which streaming or rental services their recommendations are available to view on.
  • A filter feature that allows users to filter their recommendation list by streaming or rental service so that they can easily find films available on the services they subscribe to.

A task flow was then designed to outline the process of creating an account, completing the on boarding film rating survey, viewing the recommendation list, and adding a film to the to-watch list. A set of low-fidelity wire frames were when made to determine the screens and content needed to complete this task.